Fall Décor Ideas For Your Living Room

The fall months are a great time to bring out the cozy decor for your home. If you love darker, neutral tones, this is the perfect time to decorate your home and fit a scheme into your living space to create an excellent area for your company during the holidays. Everyone loves holidays and months leading up to the new year, where family dinners, gifts, and gatherings are the main attractions in their home.

A living room is a spacious common area where people congregate and hang out with their guests and families at home. The fall months are a great time to bring out cozy and welcoming decor for your space to celebrate the holidays and truly enjoy this time of year. Continue reading to discover the living room ideas that you can incorporate into your home this fall season.


Adding wallpaper is a unique and fun project for the holidays and has been a typical interior design idea for many years. It's not practical to paint the interior of a home every single season, especially during the holidays where many are spending the season working, traveling, spending time with family, and spending some of their earnings on gifts. A great cost-effective way to change the scenery in your living room during the fall season is by adding decorative wallpaper to your walls. Even a single wall with wallpaper can add a neutral and fall-like feeling to the interior of your home. If you have a fireplace or a TV with a fireplace screen, you'll find that your living room wallpaper can set the mood for those family pictures everyone is always eager to take.

Fall Color Scheme

A fun way to get your home prepared for the fall season is to use a color palette or scheme of fall colors. Even stores and companies take on fall-inspired decor, clothing, and cozy-like decor to get into the fall season. As the leaves change color throughout the year, you may find yourself wanting to change up the color in your home as well. Autumn and fall colors are usually shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown, much like the leaves of trees during this season. 

Decorative displays

Another great way to decorate a living room is by placing fall decor around the home. You can incorporate leaves, plants, pumpkins, garland, lights, pillows, and other sets respective to their holiday during the fall. Many homeowners decorate the exterior of their homes during the holidays. Still, your living room is also a great space to express yourself and have fun by placing little decor details and trinkets for the fall season.

Rugs and Curtains

During the fall season, the weather drops significantly, and it gets icy very fast. When you're at home, staying warm, adding fall curtains and rugs in your living room can add a lot of coziness to your living space. When you have your guests over during the holidays, furry and fall-inspired rugs and curtains are a great way to give the living room a warm and welcoming feeling that the fall season invites. 

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