Cottagecore Home Decor: When Old Meets New

Cottagecore home decor is all the rage. This charming design trend rose to prominence during lockdown in 2020. Lucky for us, this trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Now that the romanticization of relaxed and peaceful living is here to stay, let's explore how to incorporate this timeless style into your home.

What Exactly Is Cottagecore?

If your hobbies include scrolling Instagram and curating Pinterest boards, you've most likely come across this interior design style that's been sweeping the internet since the height of the pandemic. The correlation between lockdown and cottagecore comes down to making the most out of your space. A concept Panacche is famously known for.

Cottage House

Picture this: life has slowed down, you're stuck at home. What are craving? Comfort.

Cottagecore is the embodiment of comfort and simplicity. It's a design that embraces traditional country living. It's charming, nostalgic and rustic.

As we inch our way back to normalcy, it's clear that cottagecore is here to stay. Whether you're living in an apartment in New York City or a suburban neighborhood, we're here to help you achieve the look of country living with our cottagecore home decor recommendations.

Cottage Living

Kitchen Cottagecore Decor

We start in the kitchen not only because it's the heart of the home, but because a lot of what cottagecore stands for can be traced back to here.

Sourdough starters, homemade jams and pickled vegetables from the garden. These are staple activities for anyone embracing the cottagecore lifestyle. While these hobbies are fun, none of them are requirements for achieving this style.

A cottagecore kitchen is lite up from the sunshine pouring in through the curtain draped windows. At night, warm lighting fills the space.

Throughout the house we see a theme of muted tones, pastel colors and mixed textures. Opt for wooden cabinetry or ditch it all together to show off your antique dishware. Hide clutter using fun patterned curtains.

Nothing's perfect when it comes to cottagecore home decor. We embrace wear and tear that adds to the rustic feel.

Rustic Decor

With cottagecore home decor, you can go one of two ways. One, the simple minimalistic route like Panacche's "Minimal Nursery." Two, the grandma-chic maximalism route. For minimalistic cottagecore, stick to whites and neutrals. Keep clutter to a minimal and only display your favorite antiques that you can thrift yourself. You have to be very picky when it comes to what you want on display.

Country Kitchen

Cottagecore Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen

However, if you're leaning towards grandma-chic maximalism, go crazy at your local thrift store and curate a house that screams "YOU." On the walls you'll find antique clocks, picture frames, paintings and busy wallpaper--you can't go wrong with a floral print. Just check out the wallpaper in Panacche's "Contemporary Dining Room 01." Decorate with wicker baskets, glass jugs or vintage recipe books.

Cottagecore Home Decor

Grandma-Chic Kitchen

Dining Room Cottagecore Decor

Moving to the dining room, we're sticking with the thrifting theme. This goes for most of the furniture and decor throughout the house. This is the fun of mixing the old with the new. When you thrift a dinging table, you're getting something completely unique to you.

As for setting the table, go for a crochet, linen or patterned table cloth. Go out to your garden (or your local floral shop) and display big bushels of greenery in vintage vases.

Thrifted Table

Old Dining Table

Cottagecore dining table

Save room on the table for fresh baked breads and pastries, freshly picked fruit and dainty tea sets.

In the dining room, the walls will mimic the kitchen. Feel free to mix minimalism and maximalism using different rooms.

Minimal Dining Room

Fun Wallpaper

Living Space Cottagecore Decor

When you're finding furniture and cottagecore home decor, keep things English. After all, we want our space to feel like an English country cottage. Mix different patterns and textures. We're going for an old-time homey experience.

Art and old photos fuel the nostalgic aspect of this design style. Light up the room with candlelight on antique candlesticks or unique thrifted lamps. Add decorative pillows and a cozy rug. Draw people in with a warm fireplace and big bookcase displaying your favorite text. Again, things like curated books keep your home personal.

Country Living Room

Cottagecore Living Room

Bedroom Cottagecore Decor

In the bedroom, we're keeping things comfy and cozy by picking a bedspread that reflects either your minimalistic and maximal cottagecore style. Go for an antique metal or wooden bed frame. Compliment that with an English style dresser. Add a mirror for convenience and to open up the room. Have fun with your light fixtures by opting for an antique chandler.

Patterned Bed Spread

Pastel Bedroom

Cottagecore Bedroom

Office Cottagecore Decor

Getting to work in your cottagecore home should feel inviting and motivating. Style your vintage desk with more books, necessary supples, antique lamps for lighting and a chair that doesn't sacrifice comfort.

Grandma-Chic Office

Vintage Desk

Cottagecore Desk

Outdoor Space

If you have the luxury of your own outdoor space, you have an advantage here. Gardening, landscaping and farming are the soul of cottagecore. If you want your exterior to reflect your cottagecore style, you'll have to find your inner green thumb.

You'll want overflowing florals, a garden for produce or maybe you're own little farm with chicken coop and all. Greenery climbs the exterior of your house, making you and your space become one with nature. Add a seating area for entertaining or your own personal getaway.


Cottage Yard

Cottage Backyard

No yard? No problem. Panacche has some of best patio designs in the game. Perfect even for balconies. Some favorites include the "Contemporary Patio" and "The Plateau."

So what are you waiting for? Hit your local thrift stores, estate sales and antique stores. Even better, check out Panacche's very own affordable gallery of designs made just for you.

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