Your Entryway Is The Portal Between The Outside and Personal Sanctuary

Your entryway is the portal between the outside and personal sanctuary, so make it a good one. How can a room or space also referred to as a “mudroom” be important? Entryway, mudroom or foyer – no matter how you call it, is the first thing you see when you enter your home. After a long day out in the world, you want to have a space where you can leave everything at the door, both physically and mentally.

Entryway Design

Convenient Entryway Design

Convenience is key when designing your entryway. Start by making a list of what you want out of your entryway and how you can achieve this. You might want a place to store your shoes, coats, keys and bags. You may want a mirror for a quick appearance check before you run out the door. Maybe you’d like a mat to prevent tracking dirt throughout the rest of the house.


Entryway Design

Anything you could need last minute before leaving the house or anything you need when you get home should all be conveniently waiting for you by the door. Now it’s time for it to match your style.

Personalized Style

The foyer is going to be the first impression of your house, so ask yourself what you want that to look like. Are you a Farmhouse kind of person? Stick to neutrals and add elements of reclaimed wood.

Farmhouse Entryway
Mid-century Modern? Clean and simple.

Midcentury Modern Entryway
Beach house? Seafoam and driftwood.

Beach House Entryway
Art Deco? Bold colors and geometric shapes.

Art Deco Entryway
Cottagecore? Rustic and antique.

Cottagecore Entryway
The list goes on and on. No matter what direction you take it, optimize the space to its fullest potential. Use wall space by working vertically. If you’re not using a corner, consider smaller features like adding an umbrella basket or a small table for miscellaneous items.

Your Entryway Invitation

We’ve covered that we want a convenient, stylish and optimized entryway space, but what’s missing? Sure, it’s practical and nice to look at, but is it inviting? This is the place where you’ll be welcoming all your guests. You’re opening your safe space for others to enjoy and it all starts when they walk through the door.

Keep things organized and clean. If you’re someone who always cleans their house when guests are expected, this may be a given, but then again, the foyer can be easily overlooked. Luckily, these spaces are pretty small compared to other rooms, so tidying shouldn’t take too long as long as everything has its place.

Organized Foyer
Add personal touches like photographs, artwork and plants. These details liven up the space and help paint a picture of who you are personally.

This once awkward, small and useless space can now be utilized in the best ways possible. If you’re feeling ambitious and ready to tackle another room in your house, check out our other blog posts, “How To Create A Productive Home Office Design For Remote Working” and “Relax With a New At-Home Spa Bathroom Transformation.”

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