Home Office Inspiration

Designing your home office and need some inspiration? Look no further!


Starting with the "where", where is the best place to set up shop? We start here because location has the biggest impact on your work from home experience. To get in the right headspace, your office should be secluded from all other activity in the house.

The space you use for work should only be used for work. No more working from the kitchen table, the couch or worst of all, the bed. When you enter your workspace, you should be flooded with inspiration and rid of all distractions. If you can, choose a separate room solely dedicated to your home office.

home office inspiration

Inspiring Home Office Decor

Introduce nature into your space by adding some greenery. The benefits of indoor plants include increased oxygen flow and purified air. This easy decor also gives you that needed taste of the outdoors when you're cooped up inside.

home office inspiration

Your decor should be completely personalized to you. Use your decor as a source of inspiration. Add artwork to your walls that reflect your style, goals and dreams. It should remind you why you're working in the first place. Art work can be minimal or be curated into a whole gallery wall.

home office inspiration

For even more inspiration, post affirmations and quotes around your office for some quick motivation. Creating a mood board can also work as a source of inspiration and set the tone for the rest of your office design.

Office supplies don't have to be boring. Swap your boring stapler for a gold one to match your feminine and expensive style.

Fill your empty bookshelf with (you guessed it) books. Not only are they a great source of information, but they also work as great decor pieces. Throw in some fun antiques for a fun mix of modern and vintage.

Color Scheme

A productive home office is all about picking the right colors. Color has a major effect on our mood, so it's important to consider which color scheme suits your needs.

Earth Tones

  • Colors: Brown, Beige, Green, Sienna, Gray
  • Environment: Warm, cozy, grounded
  • Incorporate: Leather, warm woods, textured rug, greenery, warm metals


  • Colors: Bright & bold
  • Environment: Energetic, alert, preppy
  • Incorporate: Fun wallpaper, complimentary colors, patterns

Navy Blue

  • Colors: Navy blue, gray, white, neutrals
  • Environment: Sophisticated, focus, secure
  • Incorporate: Navy blue accent, simple decor, pops of white


  • Colors: Teal, pink, yellow, white
  • Environment: Playful, positivity, youthful
  • Incorporate: Petite furniture, personalized artwork, gold accents

Dark and Moody 

  • Colors: Dark blues, greens, blacks, grays
  • Environment: Dramatic, masculine, serious
  • Incorporate: Dark woods, leather, metallic finishes

Cool Tones

  • Colors: Netruals, whites, pale blue, green
  • Environment: Relaxing, calm, serious
  • Incorporate: Light woods, wicker, ceramics

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