Relax with a New At-Home Spa Bathroom Transformation

2022 is in full swing. Panacche is here to help you reach one of your most important new year’s resolutions with our spa bathroom transformation--more relaxation and self-care! After a hard year, you deserve to treat yourself. Best of all, you can do it at home and on a budget.

Spa Bathroom Colors

For optimal relaxation, it’s best to keep colors light, bright and natural. When in doubt, pull from nature. Blues, greens, neutrals and white especially promote a calming, comforting environment.

Blue is cool, healing and restful. Green is fresh and renewing. Neutrals are peaceful and calm. White is a clean, refreshing color that goes with everything. Surrounding yourself with the best colors is one of the most effective ways to elevate any space.

Spa Bathroom Colors

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spa bathroom colors

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Bathroom Design Ideas

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Spa Bathroom Ideas

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Natural materials 

Using natural materials in your at-home spa bathroom is another foolproof way of recreating the Zen nature of a real spa. Think: stone, teak, wood, rattan, bamboo. Again, you’re pulling from nature. You can add these materials as small details like a wooden bath mat or the focal point of your spa bathroom like a stone countertop.

Wooden Bathroom Mat

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Stone Countertop

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Add some life to your spa bathroom by bringing in some plants. If you remember from our “Home Office Inspiration” blog post, the benefits of indoor plants include increased oxygen flow and purified air.

Bathroom Plants

Our favorite DIY spa bathroom hack is hanging eucalyptus in the shower. The steam releases eucalyptus oil, allowing you to breathe in the health benefits of promoted relaxation, stress relief and clearing sinuses.


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Speaking of aromatherapy—add an essential oil diffuser to your bathroom to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It’s a common spa practice that can easily be recreated at home. Different scents promote different health benefits. Some spa favorites include lavender, rose, chamomile and ylang ylang, to name a few.

Don’t have a diffuser? Add a few drops straight to your shower to reap the benefits.


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Declutter, Organize and Style Toiletries

A clean space is the fastest way to a clear mind. Keep the clutter to a minimum and swap out conflicting packaging for cohesive glass jars and bottles. Use shelves, trays and baskets to keep toiletries organized. Toiletry spa favorites could include lotions, soaps, scrubs and bath salts.

Bathroom Organization

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Glass Jars

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Spa Bathroom Declutter

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Wooden Shelves

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For an extra touch, consider a mini beauty refrigerator to keep your serums, face masks, creams and other skin care cool.

Skincare Fridge

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Spa Bathroom Lighting

Setting the mood with the right lighting is a game changer for total relaxation. Dim the lights. Don’t have a light dimmer? Use candles. Calming scents are a bonus.

Dim Lighting

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Bathroom Candles

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Bath Time

Although you don’t need a bathtub for your ultimate spa bathroom transformation, it can be used as a main source of pleasure for any DIY spa.

Upgrade your bath time with a bath caddy and bath pillow. Wind down with a drink and book without worrying about anything getting wet. Sit back and rest your head. Even add a bath bomb for some extra fun. 

Bathtub caddy

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Bath Tray

Bath Pillow

After the bath, you’ll want to reach for high-quality towels and a robe. White is a spa classic.

Spa Bathroom Towels

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Spa Bathroom Towels

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Here’s to a new year! If you missed our end of year blog posts check out “Easy Last Minute Christmas Home Decor Guide,” “Picking the Best Christmas Tree” and “Thanksgiving Decor: your New Go-To Guide.”