How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring 2022

Spring 2022 is the Season for a Fresh Start

As we, as a society, have been spending more and more time at home lately, it’s easy to feel as though we’re falling out of love with our home. This is largely due to the fact we have been utilizing the same space and staring at the same walls, as we live our entire lives between them — working, sleeping, eating, reading and relaxing.

Thanks to the pandemic and the subsequent shift to this crazy new world we are all adjusting to, we’ve collectively become a little bored and complacent. As they say, “a change is as good as a vacation”, and we all know we can’t travel far for a vacation — so maybe a shake-up of our home environment is just what the doctor ordered.

If you’ve been looking around your house, wondering why you ever bought it in the first place, or spending hours scrolling and searching on real estate websites longing for something new, why not bring the new to you, as we head into Spring 2022?



Knowing the difference between being tired of your home, and your home decor is key. You’d be amazed what some relatively minor changes to your color palette, furnishings and artwork can do towards revitalizing your home — and even better, your mood.

A Spring makeover can shake things up and give your home a fresh new lease of life. And the best part — none of the horrific admin that comes along with getting a new address. Avoid going even more stir-crazy, and rejuvenate your current home into a space you are excited and inspired by, with some stunning updates.



What Color Palette Should Be Introduced for a Spring 2022 Home Makeover?


Color scheme is a great way to welcome to change of a season, and it doesn’t always have to mean you have to spend a fortune either. If you want to say goodbye to Winter, and hello to Spring, your first step might be to look around for some affordable furnishings in key tones such as white, ivory, cream and pale taupe.

This makes for a fantastic segue into Spring, along with swapping out any iconic Winter jewel tones, with some paler versions. You will notice an immediate vibe shift and how light and bright your space feels.

These tones are the tried and tested backbone of Spring home decor, but we’re also moving into some new territory for Spring 2022. This year, we’re also inviting blues and greens into our space for the new season — with vibes of the sky, grass, flowers and all things nature and outdoorsy. Other accent colors that look fabulous, and complement any space for Spring are cream, pink, tan and terracotta tones.

When it comes to your bedroom, Introducing these colors in your bedding, pillows and throws, vases, artwork and rugs can really make the room pop. Try and keep the softer, natural shades for the walls in the bedroom, ensuring a serene and calming feel for your place of rest. 



Even if you’re prone to being a little bit color-avoidant, you may find that your time to shine is with the textures and materials. Replacing your old favorite wool rug with a jute one, introducing some linen poufs, or a new raffia statement piece is a simple yet effective way to welcome Spring into your home.

Of course, plants always have a place in the home, as do beautiful floral arrangements — whether real or artificial, they complement Spring Decor perfectly. Floral motifs may also be introduced in different ways — lamps, mirrors, furniture. Botanical prints and photographs also make for wonderful statement pieces to welcome the change of season.


Where Do I Start With My Spring 2022 Makeover?


Whether you’re planning on going for a big shake-up, or some subtle touches, here are some quick tips for your home;

  • Find a bold wallpaper that you love, and make it a feature
  • Don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern
  • Floating vanities and bathtubs that are more like spas are always a good idea
  • Bring the outdoors in, with greenery galore
  • Have a Spring cleaning session, and make your home more minimalist
  • Introduce some luxury, such as marble or gold touches



At Panacche, we understand how to get the home you’re excited about, and can help you prepare for Spring 2022 in style.

If you’re ready to begin your journey with some expert advice, simply follow the link below.