Thanksgiving Decor: Your New Go-To Guide

Hosting Thanksgiving can turn the holiday meant for loved ones and gratitude into a stressful nightmare. Panacche is here to help lift your holiday spirits by providing you some professional seasonal decorating tips so you can spend more time with family and less time worrying about your space.

Our Thanksgiving decor starts with a color scheme. It’s important to consider your personal style when approaching fall decor, but a foolproof color scheme can be easily achieved by looking out your window and taking note of what you see. Grab some inspiration from the changing leaves. 

You can’t go wrong with reds, oranges, greens, yellows and browns. Compliment these colors with some gold and white.

Thanksgiving Decor Colors


Give off a welcoming first impression with some outdoor fall decor that’ll not only impress your guests, but your neighbors too.

Pumpkins are your best friend. Have fun with the different shapes, sizes and colors.

Thanksgiving Decor Entrance

Dried corn stocks, pampas grass, mums or hay can turn your porch into a farmer’s fall garden dream.

Thanksgiving Decor Entrance

Fall Decor Entrance

Light it up with some dreamy string lights or classy pillar candles varying in height.

Fall Decor Entrance

Seasonal Decorating Entrance

Finish off your outdoor Thanksgiving decor with a festive fall wreath and inviting seasonal door mat.

 Seasonal Decorating Entrance

Panacche’s transitional patio design “Home Is Anywhere We Gather” is a casual and versatile enough to complement any seasonal decorating.

Living Room Thanksgiving Decor

Once inside, we want our home interior design to be warm and cozy. What better place to stay toasty than by the fireplace?

Spruce up your mantel with your choice of real or fake pumpkins, a garland, wood accents, pillar candles and fall foliage.

Autumnal Design Living Room

Autumnal Design Living Room

On the couch, snuggle up with some knit throw blankets and pillows with cute autumnal designs.

Home Interior Design

Set the mood with warm lighting and seasonal scents. You can go with something herbal like sage, bay leaves and marjoram or something sweet and spicy like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and chai.

Dining Room Thanksgiving Decor

Head to the heart of Thanksgiving home interior design, the dining room. The main event is your show stopping dining room table.

Have some fun with incorporating your personal style into your autumnal design tablescape.

Achieve a rustic, earthy feel with green and natural colors, wood textures, neutral foliage or greenery, white pumpkins and candlesticks.

Keep it clean and modern with black, white and muted colors and incorporate brass metals.

Amber glass makes for great fall decor in your glassware or vases. 

Give some personality to your chinaware. Go for a matte black that ties so well into Panacche’s “Masculine & Mature Dining Room.” Make it pop with a white plate underneath, some decorative pampas grass or neatly folded napkin and gold cutlery.

Brighten up with these farmhouse and bohemian natural looks.

Saving the best for last, the center piece. Tie your autumnal design together with some sizable foliage and other nature elements including pinecones, pumpkins, wood and seasonal fruits--apples, pomegranates and cranberries.

These pieces can be achieved by fun DIY projects.