How To Use The Color TEAL To Elevate Your Living Space

In nature, things like Morpho butterflies, Puya flowers, peacock feathers and robin eggs showcase the color teal. In fact, the name for the blue-green color comes from the Eurasian teal, a duck that sports a teal colored stripe on its head. The color is embraced in the design world for its versatility and pleasing aura.

The color is created mixing blue into a green base. It can take on many different forms with varying hues and tones by mixing different amounts of each color. A pastel teal compliments a modern style while a deep teal complements a royal, luxurious style. The range is limitless.

The Color Teal

Psychology of The Color Teal

According to Hailey van Braam from colorpsychology.org, the color teal represents mental and spiritual balance. Blue brings tranquil stability mixed with green's optimism and healing properties. It's a calming hue that's unique, but not too loud. Its elegance encourages a restful, reflective mood, great for bedrooms and sitting areas.

The Color Teal

The Color Teal


The color teal is back and trending in 2021. Although, it never really left our radar after its quick emergence in the nineties. What's different now is our ability to make the color look timeless instead of a fading fad. Incorporating it into your home can give you that pop of color you're looking for. It also acts as a gateway to bring in more color.

How to Use The Color Teal

Without knowing where to start, the color teal can feel like a risky choice. However, it's surprising just how many colors compliment it nicely, making it a great transition from a neutral space. Pair with coral, maroon, gold or mustard yellow to create lively color schemes.

In the kitchen, adding teal to cabinetry or tile backsplash are safe ways to introduce the color. Keep it light and airy with marble countertops and white appliances or go darker for a more sophisticated look. Exposed wood and metal hardware (especially gold, bronze and copper) pull the whole look together.

In living spaces, add an accent wall. Keep it simple with solid paint or add some personality with patterned wallpaper. Keeping the furniture neutral can help the wall pop. Add some decorative throw pillows and textured rug. Use wall art to tie in complimentary colors.

Or keep the walls neutral and opt in for some teal colored furniture. Gold accents and velvet upholstery are strikingly popular.

The color is also versatile when it comes to design styles. For a bohemian style, empathize vibrant colors, textures, patterns, vintage pieces and natural materials like wood and wicker.

Tone it down and lighten it up for a coastal style. Bright whites help the pastel teals pop. Pair with natural materials such as wicker, linen fabrics and fun patterns.

The color teal can add something special to any space. Its versatility and varying tones and hues make this the perfect color to incorporate into your home.

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