What is Mid-Century Modern Decor?


Mid-Century Modern is a broad term for decorative pieces that juxtapose and mix “mid-century” design with “modern” decorative furniture, which fit well together. It’s a complex term to define because the design technique, architecture, and even graphic design methods that fall under this style are a mix of different periods. Designers in this genre of décor continue to explore and change the bounds of which material and color can mesh well and provide the mid-century modern functionality that so many have sought after for their homey living spaces.

Many companies and furniture stores have used this term to add fame and interest to their selections. This stylish and clean design has gained popularity, increasing the demand for furniture pieces and mid-century modern décor. Continue reading to learn more about the distinguishing features of mid-century modern design.


Authentic mid-century modern décor is noticeable through fine details. Focal pieces with lines, minimalistic architectural design, and even greenery can accentuate a mid-century modern vibe into your living space. A mix of geometry and modern minimalism is what you can infuse into your next living room interior or your bedroom interior design. Mid-century pieces are well designed, and since they fit many timeframes, the craft in this style has proven timeless.

 Distinguishing features:

  • Clean, sleek, and uncluttered lines in both organic and geometric fashions
  • Functionality and ergonomics
  • A use of traditional and non-traditional features 

Color and Material

Traditional furniture made of wood is the most notable mid-century modern material. Non-traditional materials have also been explored by designers using metal, glass, plexiglass, and vinyl. As for the colors in mid-century modern décor, there is a wide range of hues, black and white, and a variety of colors from neutral to bold.

When choosing the décor for your home, you’ll find various styles and materials that can make your home feel like a home. Choosing a mid-century modern design style will add a great mix of functionality and color to your living spaces.