About Us


Panacche was founded by Purva Vyas, a mom and busy professional, who experienced her own frustrations when designing her home. She hired an expensive interior designer to design her living room and was met with disappointing results. Then she tried an online design service hoping it would save them money compared to hiring an interior designer only to realize they had to deal with an excruciating lengthy design process with a lot of back-and-forth. For a busy mom on a budget, she knew there had to be a better way to effortlessly design a home she and her family loved without the overwhelming design process or paying premium prices...and the idea for Panacche was born.

Purva Vyas


Our mission at Panacche is to make designing a home you love more accessible. We made the interior design process affordable and stress-free, without having to spend thousands on traditional interior designing or the hassle of doing it yourself.

Whether you're redecorating your entire home, redoing your whole living room space, or just giving your bedroom a small makeover, we can help. No need to spend all your time creating mood boards on Pinterest, or stressing over how to bring all the design elements including furniture, decor, color scheme together yourself. We make the process of designing any room convenient, easy, fast and enjoyable from start to finish.

We also believe your home should elevate your sense of well-being. With more and more people working from home these days, it's even more important to be conscious of your space and how it makes you feel. We believe investing in creating a beautiful home is investing in your well-being, and that's priceless!