Loyal Package 

High interior design fees have kept a lot of us from getting the professional design we deserve for our apartments, condos and homes. At Panacche we have come up with a way to drastically cut that cost without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Ready-to-Go Designs

Creating complete pre-designed rooms in a variety of styles and then personalizing them to fit your taste, saves hours of design time and cost. It also makes the design process much easier and faster for you since you start with something you can see.

We Pass The Savings On To You

You get the benefit of this saved cost – our design fee only has to cover the cost of resizing and personalizing an existing design. And you are free to make any changes you want, so your new room truly reflects your style.

Get Back Your Design Fee

Even Better, our unique Design Fee Credit Program credits up to 100% of your design fee toward furniture and accessory purchases you make on Panacche.com. Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase your design
  • Purchase items for your design on our website
  • Once your total purchases reach $1000, we begin crediting 10% of all additional purchases over that $1000 back to your account up to the total value of your design fee.
  • For example, if your design fee is $400, and you order a bed for $2200, we will credit you for 10% of $1200 or $120 ($2200 - $1000 purchase minimum) . If you later buy a bed for $1500, we will credit you for 10% of $1500, or $150, and so on until you have received back your original $400 design fee.

Choose Your Design and Start Saving Money Now